Anora's is a small family restaurant that tries to promote the Egyptian culture through its very own cuisine. Throughout many centuries Egypt came to celebrate its culture along with many other cultures that have been in Egypt through food. Everything at Anora's is homemade and thus serves the most authentic of the Egyptian cuisine.


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By far the best restaurant in Bronte - especially if you're beyond tired of European food and want something differenr! It's the only restaurant around with gluten free options and I'm so happy it opened.

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Just some of the best Egyptian food I've had. While you expect sheesh and shawarma sandwiches to be generic, the one we had was truly gourmet and well thought out. Kudos

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I'm a very very picky eater, but I absolutely loved the food here. Great prices too, and the owners are so sweet!


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Excellent food cooked and served by wonderful people. I discovered Anora's 3 days ago and have eaten there twice now. Can't wait to try the next item on their menu. Large servings so come hungry. 

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Food is amazing! We ordered Mixed Grill, Koshary, Egyptian sausage and Hawawshi. They taste so good and come in great portions will definitely fill you up to the neck!

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I've never had Egyptian food before so I've been wanting to try this restaurant for awhile now and finally made it there this evening.  Now I wish I had gone sooner. I had the Anora's Exclusive Sandwich. It was delicious and fresh, and the proprietors were very friendly. I'm definitely going to go back often and try all signatures which sound amazing.

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Our Logo - El Tanoura (Dance of the Skirt)

The dance of the skirt is an Egyptian dance with Sufi origins. It had become an important ritual of celebration.

The dance is a rhythmic dance performed collectively by circular movements, which stems from sense of philosophical basis. It sees that the movement in the universe starts from a point and ends at the same point and therefore reflects this concept in their dance. Their movements come as if they are drawing halos.

The dance is often accompanied by du'aa ', recitation, praise, or folk recitation, and it is performed with rotation, but not because of the dance, but because the dancer wants to reach a lofty stage of spiritual serenity.